GreenStar Has Gone Solar!

On February 17, 2016 our 130-kW, remotely net-metered solar farm in Danby, NY went online. As the largest solar array owned by a food co-op in the U.S., the solar farm has distinguished GreenStar as a national leader in renewable energy and demonstrated our Co-op’s commitment to promoting the feasibility of renewable energy on a commercial level.

The ground-mounted system, which is expected to be productive for 35 to 40 years, consists of 426 Canadian Solar 305-watt panels, which cover about sixth-tenths of an acre, according to Melissa Kemp, Director of Commercial/Utility Solar Development at Renovus. The array is capable of generating 146,000 kWh of electricity per year ­– which offsets nearly half of the electricity used by our warehouse/Central Kitchen/Space building and 11 percent of the West-End’s total electric usage, lowering our utility costs immediately and completely paying itself off in ten years. As has been the case for years, we will continue to purchase renewable energy certificates to cover all additional power needs.