By Kristie Snyder, GreenStar Staff

For conscious shoppers on a budget, trying to eat local can lead to a tug-of-war between pocketbook and values. A partnership between Remembrance Farm and GreenStar brings shoppers local, organic packaged greens as part of the Co+op Basics program, which is designed to offer local and organic products at affordable prices. The farm’s fresh-picked-and-packaged spicy greens, field greens, baby kale, tatsoi, and arugula are priced at $4.99 per 8-oz. bag.

Founded by Nathaniel and Emily Thompson, Remembrance Farm is located just outside of Trumansburg. Nathaniel manages the farming operations, while Emily provides behind-the-scenes support, and their three young children enjoy helping with the animals.

Remembrance’s products are certified organic, a designation familiar to many shoppers. But the farm also follows biodynamic principles. Nathaniel started farm work in college — intrigued by biodynamic farming from the start, he’s never farmed any other way. “Biodynamic farming begins where organic ends,” he explains. He cites three foundational principles of biodynamic farming: the integration of animals into the farm, the use of biodynamic preparations (“like homeopathic remedies for farms,” he says), and the role of intention in the function of the farm, reflecting the farmer’s “desire to produce food that is both nourishing physically and on a deeper spiritual level.” Emily adds that biodynamic farming means continually striving for improvement — a constant, evolving, lifelong process.

The Thompsons think of their farm as a living entity, an organism that encompasses the plants, insects, animals (including humans), and microbes that live on and in the land. Animals play a crucial role in maintaining fertility. While the farm is home to a variety of farm animals and the obligatory dogs and cats, a small herd of dairy cattle has proven to be the farm’s fertility mainstay. Soon, you’ll be able to purchase the farm’s pasteurized whole milk at the Co-op. Remembrance also supplies GreenStar with a Flower Power greens mix (added flowers and herbs make it so tasty that dressing is optional), bulk field greens, heirloom tomatoes, and a bounty of root vegetables over the fall and winter.

Offering packaged greens means, well, packaging, which Nathaniel and Emily have taken on reluctantly but mindfully, trying to minimize impacts as much as possible. After trying several options, they arrived at a stuffed-full reusable zip-lock bag as offering the lowest plastic-to-product ratio. Looking to cut out plastics entirely? Greens are available in bulk at the West End and on the West End and DeWitt salad bars. Co-op owners can even special order a 3-pound case — perfect for those who really love their greens!