Our Local Providers

Buying Local is a Commitment to Community

We define local as being grown or produced within 100 miles of Ithaca.

Amanda from Rootwork Herbals.

Health & Beauty

Avital’s Apiary – beeswax-based body care

Balance Aromatherapy (Ithaca, NY) – essential oils and body products

Bespoke Apothecary (Elmira, NY) – body care

Daisy Hollow Farms (Dryden, NY) – soap

Field & Forest Botanicals – mushroom tinctures

Food & Ferments (Truxton, NY) – Fireside Tonic

For Claudia’s Sayke (Hammondsport, NY) – facial care

GD Herbals (Ithaca, NY) – ginger syrup

Hawk Meadow Farm (Trumansburg, NY) – mushroom tincture

Head + Heal (Cortland, NY) – hemp extracts

Monarch Farm (Scott, NY) – face cream

Red Eft Herbs (Newfield, NY) – herbal tinctures

Rootwork Herbals – dried herbs and herbal tinctures

Stinky Girl Beauty (Truxton, NY) – deodorant

Syracuse Soap Works (Syracuse, NY) – natural soap

17th Century Suds / LiXTiK – liquid & bar soap and chap sticks

7Song Botanicals – herbal tinctures


Acorn Designs (Trumansburg, NY) – journals, greeting cards

Cheryl Chalmers Art (Ithaca, NY)– greeting cards

Christi Sobel (Ithaca, NY) – greeting cards

Jan Brown Pottery (Ithaca, NY) – pottery

Lisa Baechtle (Spencer, NY) – greeting cards

Makepeace Candles (Ithaca, NY) – beeswax candles

Poppy Singer Designs (Ithaca, NY) – greeting cards

Raven’s Alchemy (Berkshire, NY) – handmade earrings

Sugar Mountain Pottery (Ithaca, NY) – pottery

Sunbeam Candles (Ithaca, NY) – solar-powered candle company

Spirit and Kitsch (Ithaca, NY)greeting cards

Turtle Island Pottery (Newfield, NY) – pottery

Backbone Farm Owner & Farmer, Katherine Carestio, and her family.


Backbone Farm (Trumansburg, NY) – beef

Engelbert Farm (Nichols, NY) – beef and pork cuts and sausages

Grassland Farms (Ovid, NY) – beef

Kingbird Farm (Berkshire, NY) – pork cuts and sausages

Oink & Gobble (Seneca Falls, NY) – pork

Pine Meadow Angus LLC (Burdett, NY) – angus beef

Red Gate Grocer (Trumansburg, NY) – beef

Sabol’s Farm (Ovid, NY) – beef

The Piggery (Ithaca, NY) – pork, hot dogs, and sausages

Wixom Farm (Alpine, NY) – beef and pork

Wolftree Farm (Burdett, NY) – sheep and lamb meat cuts and sausages

Dairy / Cheese

Byrne Dairy (Lafayette, NY) – Byrne Dairy 2% and WM milk in gallons and glass, buttermilk quarts, half and half pints, Basics butter

Finger Lakes Farms (Ithaca, NY) – Finger Lakes Farms supplies us with Ithaca Milk yogurt and milk, Meadow Creek eggs, and also bring us Red Jacket juices, Hawthorne Valley fermented goods, Grassland chicken and beef, and Bootleg Bucha kombucha.

Hillcrest Dairy (Moravia, NY) – Milk- Chocolate, Skim, 2%, WM, butter and heavy cream

Ithaca Milk LLC (Ithaca, NY) – yogurt and milk

Kriemhild Dairy (Hamilton, NY) – organic cultured butter

Lively Run (Interlaken, NY) – goat’s milk cheese

Side Hill Acres (Candor, NY) – goat’s milk cheese

Snow Farm Creamery (Brooktondale, NY) – cow’s milk cheese

The Indian Milk & Honey Company (Freeville, NY) – That Indian Drink refrigerated lassi, also Dry Grocery stocks the ghee from them

Trinity Valley (Cortland, NY) – whole cream-line milk, chocolate milk, and buttermilk

Fresh Eggs

Byler Farm (Romulus, NY)

Westwind / Happy Hens Farm (Interlaken, NY)

Red Gate Grocer (Trumansburg, NY)

Sabols Farm (Ovid, NY)

TBD Farms (Willseyville, NY)

Ipshita and Amrit owners of Indian Milk & Honey — makers of delicious lassis and ghee. 

The Blue Heron Farm crew making a delivery. 


Bread Head Home Bakery (Freeville, NY) – fresh-baked breads

Heidelberg (Herkimer, NY) – fresh-baked breads

Ithaca Bakery (Ithaca, NY) – fresh-baked breads, rolls, bagels, and pasta

Laurie’s Grain Free (Lansing , NY) – gluten-free bread and gluten-free flatbreads/pizza crusts

Wide Awake Bakery (Trumansburg, NY) – fresh-baked breads

Fresh Produce

Black Diamond Farm (Trumansburg, NY) – apples, grapes, pears, plums, cherries

Blue Heron Farm (Lodi, NY) – vegetable seedlings, greens, cucumbers, root vegetables, etc.

Dancing Turtle Sprouts (Freeville, NY) – sprouts

Good Life Farm (Interlaken, NY) – organic greens, peaches, apples, ginger, asparagus

Hillberry Farm (Berkshire, NY) – organic blueberries

Indian Creek Farm (Ithaca, NY) – fruit

Jackman Vineyards (Ithaca, NY) – fruit and peppers

Little Tree Orchards (Newfield, NY) – fresh apple juice

Plowbreak Farm (Burdett, NY) – certified naturally grown salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, herbs

Remembrance Farm (Trumansburg, NY) – organic and biodynamic salad mixes

Rolling Acres Organics (Interlaken, NY) – assorted veggies

Stick and Stone Farm (Ithaca, NY) – organic beets, radishes, kale, chard, collards, mustard greens, cabbage, squash, bok choy, root veggie medley, tomatoes, tatsoi, baby kale, flower power mix, arugula. heirloom tomatoes and carrots

Thornbush Farm (Aurora, NY) – grapes

West Haven Farm 
(Ithaca, NY) – micro-greens, apples

Seeds, Soil, Plants, & Flowers

Cope’s Tree Farm (Berkshire, NY) – trees and wreaths

Fruition Seeds (Naples, NY) – organic seeds

GreenTree Garden Supply (Ithaca, NY) – potting soil

Sommarstuga Gardens (Interlaken, NY) – potted flowers and hanging baskets

Aaron, Kara, and Lena from Plowbreak Farm.

Ellen, owner of Dancing Turtle Sprouts

Hard Cider / Beer

Awestruck Cider (Sidney, NY) – hard cider

Bellwether Hard Cider (Trumansburg, NY) – hard cider

Black Diamond Cider (Trumansburg, NY) – hard cider

Black Duck Cidery (Ovid, NY) – hard cider

Eve’s Cidery (Van Etten, NY) – hard cider

Hazlitt’s Cider Tree (Naples, NY) – hard cider

Ithaca Beer Company (Ithaca, NY) – beer

Kite & String (Interlaken, NY) – hard cider

Phonograph Cider (Ithaca, NY) – hard cider

Redbyrd Orchard Cider (Trumansburg, NY) – hard cider

South Hill Cider (Ithaca, NY) – hard cider

1911 (Lafayette, NY) – hard cider

Bulk Foods

Beeman Apiaries (Owego, NY) – honey and beeswax

Bo’s Bones (Etna, NY) – gourmet dog biscuits

Farmer Ground Flour (Trumansburg, NY) – flour and grains

Harvey Zimmerman – dried beans

Ithaca Soy (Ithaca, NY) – tofu, tofu kan

Potenza Organics (Trumansburg, NY) – beans, corn, and grain

Stonybrook WholeHearted Foods (Geneva, NY) – pumpkin seeds, sunflower and flax oil

Ward’s Maple (Smithville Flats, NY) – maple syrup

Wide Awake Bakery (Trumansburg, NY) – pasta and granola

Silas from Crooked Carrot making a delivery to our Collegetown store. 

Packaged Goods

Beeman Apiaries (Owego, NY) – honey

Black Creek Farms (Croghan, NY) – maple syrup

Bumble & Butter (Ithaca, NY) – sweet and savory granolas

Crooked Carrot (Rochester, NY) – fermented foods (kim chi, sauerkraut), apple sauce, frozen squash

Emmy’s Organics – coconut cookies

Farmer Ground Flour (Trumansburg, NY) – flour, cornmeal, baking mixes

Farmer Street Pantry (Syracuse, NY) – all NY state grown fruit mincemeat

Finger Lakes Maple (Ithaca, NY) – organic maple syrup and maple sugar

Food & Ferments (Truxton, NY) – beet kvass, sauerkrauts

Gil’s Honey Bees (Ithaca, NY) – raw honey

Grabanzos (Ithaca, NY) – crunchy chickpea & chocolate snack

Ithaca Honey Bee Company (Groton, NY) – honey

Ithaca Kombucha Co. (Ithaca, NY) – hot sauce, barbeque sauce

Ithaca Soy (Ithaca, NY) – tofu, tofu kan

MacDonald Farms (Ithaca, NY) – lacto-fermented pickles, sauerkraut, mustard

Moka Origins (Honesdale, PA) – chocolate and coffee

Pete’s Sweets (Black River, NY) – organic maple syrup

Red Jacket Orchards (Geneva, NY) – apple sauce, cold-pressed all natural juices

Schoolyard Sugar Bush (Moravia, NY) – organic maple syrup and maple cream

Susie’s Seitan (Ithaca, NY) – seitan loafs and slices

Soy Boy (Rochester, NY) – tempeh

That Indian Milk & Honey Co. (Freeville, NY) – lassi drinks, ghee

ZenDia (Ithaca, NY) – organic matcha tea


Argueta’s Coffee (Freeville, NY)

Coffee Mania (Homer, NY)

Copperhorse Coffee (Ithaca, NY)

Gimme Coffee
(Ithaca, NY)

Moka Origins (Honesdale, PA)

Oak & Crow Coffee Co. (Newfield, NY)

Recess Coffee (Syracuse, NY)

Prepared Foods

Ithaca Cold-Crafted (Ithaca, NY) – hummus

Macro Mammas (Trumansburg, NY)

Abner from Argueta’s sampling coffee at our West End store.