Dear GreenStar Members:

The past two years have been challenging – for the world, for our community, and for GreenStar. Our Co-op has successfully navigated through the most demanding parts of the pandemic, completed our main store’s move, and adjusted to the transitions that followed. The work done to get us through has been substantial. We are strong, and we will work together to succeed through whatever new challenges lie ahead.

Today, we prepare for a leadership transition. GreenStar’s General Manager, Brandon Kane, has made the personal decision to depart from GreenStar and pursue new challenges of his own. Interim General Manager Deb Peskin and Assistant Interim General Manager Giles McCarty, who were both recommended by Brandon, have been serving in those roles since October 4, 2021 and will continue to do so until further notice. 

Appreciating Brandon
Brandon has made an enormous impact on GreenStar during his 17+ years at our Co-op. He led operations as General Manager from 2011 to 2021. Earlier in his tenure, Brandon oversaw the development of GreenStar’s main kitchen, the creation of The Space, GreenStar’s event space which hosted many GreenStar meetings and community events, and the opening of the Collegetown store.  He also helped to establish and then expand the BASICS and FLOWER food accessibility programs. 

As a champion of GreenStar’s values of community and fairness, Brandon also helped our Co-op 

become a Living Wage Certified employer – the largest in Tompkins County that’s not a government organization. In addition to organizing a successful Capital Campaign, Brandon led the Co-op’s relocation of the main store to its new home at 770 Cascadilla Street, bringing greater accessibility, an expanded product-line with reduced prices, and a furthering of the Cooperative’s sustainability goals, including a 100% solar-powered facility. Most recently and with great strength, Brandon oversaw the Co-op through 18+ months of a global pandemic. 

GreenStar is fortunate to have had Brandon’s leadership for so long. Please join other GreenStar member-owners in thanking and appreciating Brandon for his service by posting a note to this gratitude board by November 20th. Our Co-op would not be what it is today without Brandon’s hard work, dedication, and love for our community. Help us show Brandon how much the GreenStar community appreciates his 17+ years of service.

Looking ahead

Interim General Manager Deb Peskin and Assistant Interim General Manager Giles McCarty will continue to oversee Co-op operations and report to Council, and Council will engage in a robust search for a new General Manager. Council thanks and appreciates Deb and Giles for their commitment and dedication to our Co-op, and is grateful for their leadership during this transitional time. 

GreenStar has overcome many obstacles in its fifty-year history. We must approach this as an opportunity for GreenStar to grow and deepen its mission under new leadership. We look ahead with gratitude, for Brandon and his work that helped make our Co-op the important community food hub that it is today, and gratitude for GreenStar’s member-owners, whose commitment to the cooperative values of community, cooperation, local and democratic control, good food, sustainability, education, and fairness keep our Co-op strong. 

How can you support GreenStar during the coming months? 

  • Post: Post here and thank Brandon for his contributions to GreenStar.
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  • Support our staff: Transitions, the pandemic, supply chain shortages, and more have been challenging for staff. Please join us in supporting them by showing kindness and patience, and thanking them for all they do to keep GreenStar running.  
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