Cooperator in the Community Volunteer Hours Submission Forms

Cooperators in the Community is a program of GreenStar Food Co+op. Individuals who have attended a GreenStar orientation and have submitted a Cooperator Agreement can volunteer with Community Partners and earn a discount on their GreenStar purchases. Learn more here.

Find instructions and links for each Community Partner below.

How to Submit Your Cooperator in the Community Volunteer Hours

  1. Be sure to submit your hours before the end of the last day of the month!
  2. Find the Community Partners listed below.
  3. Click the name of the Community Partner you volunteered for to go to that Partner’s Volunteer Hours Submission Form. BE SURE to select the correct Partner!
  4. Make one entry per volunteer “shift.”
  5. If you volunteered more than once, there will be a link to “Submit another response” below the confirmation of submission message.
  6. If you volunteered for more than one Partner, please submit your volunteer hours with each Partner separately.

Hours Verification and Discount Credit

  1. The hours you report will be verified by the Community Partner no later than the 2nd of the month following the month in which your service was completed.
  2. GreenStar will distribute the verified hours to your membership no later than the 7th of that month.
  3. You will receive an email from GreenStar when your hours are credited to your Community Volunteer bank.
  4. Activate your credit at your convenience through the Online Member Center. Remember, the unused credit will expire sixty days after it is added to your Community Volunteer bank. Two hours earn one week of the 15.5% discount.

Community Partner Volunteer Hours Submission Form Links

Questions?  Contact Member-Owner Services at or call (607) 273-9392