During January, GreenStar’s Produce Department will donate 10% of profits from all citrus sales to the Cornell Farmworker Program. This program, part of the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Community and Regional Development Institute, is dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of farmworkers and their families. The Cornell Farmworker Program “envisions a state and nation in which farmworkers receive equal protection under law, earn a living wage, live in comfortable housing, are safe and healthy, receive due respect as workers and as individuals, and participate fully in their communities.”

Wondering where to start with all that enticing citrus? We have some unique varieties alongside the old favorites. Try the delicious Cara Cara navel oranges (pictured above). Cara cara navels are sweeter and less acidic than standard navel oranges, with lovely pinkish-red flesh. Or give a pummelo a go. These citrus giants — the largest citrus fruit ­­— are sweet and tart but without the bitterness of grapefruit. Enjoy the segments out of hand or add to salads, or simply enjoy as you would a grapefruit — cut in half and scoop with a spoon.