Tabling Request Application

GreenStar Food Co-op provides tabling privileges as a community service to not-for-profit organizations (501c3) to network with our community on Co-op property. Organizations or groups that are not 501(c)3 organizations may be considered for tabling if their work has a direct impact on our Mission and Ends Policy or Cooperative Principles.

GreenStar Food Co-op honors the diversity of our ownership and recognizes that individual owners may hold a wide range of opinions on any given local, regional or national issue. While we encourage owners to individually and collectively participate in community education and the political process, we do not allow tabling or petitioning on GreenStar Food Co-op property except as stated herein.

GreenStar reserves the right to deny a tabling request if it is determined that such tabling could create a fiscal or other risk to the business and/or is inconsistent with the Co-op’s “Standards of Conduct” or its intention to create a welcoming atmosphere and mutual respect among members. Permission to table or petition at the co-op does not equal co-op endorsement of an individual or issue or support for a particular side of an issue. GreenStar Food Co-op management reserves the right to use its discretion in interpreting this policy.

Thank you for interest in tabling at GreenStar.

Please review the Tabling Policy and Guidelines before submitting your application.

Review the Tabling Policy & Guidelines

Please submit your application at least three weeks prior to your requested tabling date. A response from GreenStar management will be emailed one week prior to your requested tabling date.

Tabling Request Application

  • Requested Dates and Times

    Please note that the dates & times that you request may not be available. You will be notified.
    Tabling is permitted:
    Sunday - Friday from 9 am - 11 am or 2 - 4 pm
    or Wednesday 5 - 7 pm

    Tablers may sign up for two hours at a time on a given day and may not table more than once per month. GreenStar reserves the right to allow more tabling for GreeStar related activities or for significant partners at our discretion.

    Please select TWO dates & times below. In the event your first choice is not available, we ask you submit another date and time.
  • Your preferred tabling date and time.
  • In the event your first choice is not available, please submit an alternate date and time above.
  • Please answer the following questions:

  • Standards of Conduct at GreenStar

    GreenStar affirms the right of all to shop and work in an environment free from violence, threats or intimidation, verbal abuse, harassment, unreasonable interference, or any criminal conduct. All work at, shop, or visit GreenStar’s stores are expected to refrain from such inappropriate conduct while on GreenStar’s premises, and to cease such behavior when requested to do so by GreenStar staff or other affected parties. Failure to do so may result in removal from stores, suspension of the right of entry and revocation of membership by Council decision and authority. Affected parties have the right to an appeal to Council. By my signature below I affirm that I have read the Standards of Conduct at GreenStar and GreenStar’s Tabling Policy and Guidelines. I understand all terms and conditions in the policy and guidelines. I affirm that both I and the organization that I represent will comply with the Standards of Conduct, policy, and guidelines. I understand that if we do not, we are subject to restrictions and/or revocation of tabling privileges.

Any questions regarding the status of your request can be directed to:  GreenStar Marketing & Owner Services Department, (607)-277-0080 /

Thank you for submitting a tabling application. We’ll be in touch with you soon!