Pork Vindaloo


Recipe from Co+op, welcome to the table Total Time: 1 hour; 20 minutes active Servings: 6 This richly flavored Indian curried pork stew is fabulous on day one but even better on day two. Print This [...]

Pork Vindaloo2020-10-29T15:15:02-04:00

Sweet Potato Bread


Recipe from Co+op, welcome to the table Total Time: 15 minutes active, plus 1 hour for baking Servings: 1 loaf Sweet potatoes show off their versatility in this deliciously moist sweet bread, where traditional pumpkin bread [...]

Sweet Potato Bread2020-10-29T14:39:25-04:00

Quince Paste


This recipe comes from Linda Ziedrich, author of The Joy of Jams, Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves, posted on Demystfying the Quince on NPR.org Servings: Makes about 1 3/4 pounds A quince is a fruit [...]

Quince Paste2020-10-22T09:40:34-04:00

Goddess Bowl


Recipe from Co+op, welcome to the table Total Time: 25 minutes; 15 minutes active Servings: 4 Veggies, whole grains and Sriracha tahini dressing make this flavorful, easy, one-bowl meal a perfect addition to your weeknight dinner [...]

Goddess Bowl2020-10-09T03:06:19-04:00

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