As of December 1, 2019 we will no longer rent The Space. 
Why? We’re moving! GreenStar’s West End store is moving to 770 Cacadilla St. and we’ll be using The Space as part of our staging area to prepare for our big move in early 2020.

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The Space

The Space @ GreenStar is a 3,400 square-foot, (60’ x 60′) gathering space that can accommodate up to 220 people, outfitted with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and set up for in-house catering by the GreenStar kitchen. 

A floating “cloud” ceiling system was chosen for its unique look, acoustic properties, and flexibility. Audio-visual equipment includes a video projection system, a large projection screen, and a PA system, which can accommodate anything from conferences to concerts.

A variety of fixtures allows for flexible lighting, from bright overhead light for meetings and conferences, to dim mood lighting for intimate gatherings and evening events, making the space great for receptions, meetings, and parties.

Here’s some things to consider when planning your event:

The rental cost is variable based on your group’s status and relationship to GreenStar:

  • Non-profits (501(c)3 form or tax-exempt ID required) – $50/hour
  • GreenStar Co-op Owners – $80/hour
  • General Public – $120/hour

If you are having an event that lasts more than a few hours and you are not a Co-op Owner, joining the Co-op can save you a fair amount of money.

How many people do you expect to attend the function? We have a maximum capacity of 225.

The rental of The Space includes access to all of our tables and chairs.  We have a maximum capacity of 225 and enough chairs for that many people.  We have 40 6’ rectangular tables which seat 6 comfortably and 20 5’ round tables which seat 8 comfortably and 10 a little less so.

There is a $50 fee for this service. Depending on your budget and rental rate, having us set-up and break-down can be beneficial. We usually plan on an hour on each side of the event for the set-up and break-down.

The Space has an excellent A/V system including a high-definition projector and screen, a 16-track soundboard for mixing to the PA, wired and wireless microphones. There is a $25 flat-fee for unlimited access.

Our Catering Department has a highly-skilled culinary team that can provide everything from a formal, plated, multi-course meal to a hot dinner or lunch buffet to snacks and finger foods.  Our talented Bakery staff can also provide delicious sweets and desserts to round out any situation.  Please inquire further to receive a copy of our latest menu that contains a cross-section of the foods we can provide as well as many points of policy including deposits, alcohol service, and cancellation.

If you order food through GreenStar’s Catering, the cost of linens is included. If not, there is a small rental fee based on the size and color desired.

If you intend to have food or drink, you have a choice between disposable and non-disposable wares.  If you choose non-disposables, there is a 21% service fee for the use of the china, glassware and silverware.  If you choose disposable wares (GreenStar uses compostable and recyclable products) the service fee is 18%.

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