Emma Frisch and children shopping at GreenStar Food Co+op.

Emma Frisch and children shopping at GreenStar Food Co+op.

Struggling with dinner time? Local chef and mother, Emma Frisch, offers the perfect solution to reclaim stress-free, healthy, and delicious family dinners with her innovative meal-planning tool, Time For Dins!

Meet Emma Frisch

Emma grew up with an Italian mother who loved cooking meals from scratch, bringing the family together around the dinner table. However, when Emma became a mom herself, she found it challenging to keep up with cooking homemade meals during busy weeks. Discovering meal planning changed everything for her, from frazzled trips to the grocery store to uninspired dinners. Now, she’s sharing her game-changing strategy with YOU through her new meal plan subscription service: Time For Dins.

But there’s more…!

Emma is teaming up with Ithaca’s GreenStar Food Co-op to offer subscribers a 20% discount on their meal plan shopping list, both in-store and on Instacart (subscribe now).


Because meal planning starts with a shopping list. As a working mother of two, Emma values the quality and efficiency of GreenStar Food Co-op in Ithaca. She can shop for the best ingredients, enjoy a healthy lunch, and let her kids play in the indoor or outdoor kids’ areas. When pressed for time, she utilizes Instacart, allowing her to enjoy lunch and playtime while GreenStar’s Instacart Shopper loads her car. Plus, GreenStar offers Instacart without any additional fees, available from 9:15 am to 8 pm.

Instacart curbside pickup at GreenStar gives you more time in your day. We can shop for you and load groceries into your car.

What’s included in Time For Dins?

    • Recipe Booklet: Every first Monday of the month, subscribers receive a seasonal recipe booklet featuring:
      • 6 seasonal, family-friendly dinner recipes
      • 1 special sauce/dressing recipe for the week
      • 1 snack/dessert recipe for the week
    • Can’t make all the recipes in one week? Choose 1-2 per week, or use them as inspiration for the month.
    • Adaptations and Tips: Recipes include gluten-free/vegan variations, shortcuts, substitutes, and “component cooking” options to serve picky and adventurous eaters without cooking twice.
    • Food Prep Calendar: A printable food prep calendar organized by recipe to get everyone in the home involved.
  • Two convenient shopping lists:
    • A printable version
    • A pre-loaded Instacart list for easy review and checkout

Limited Time Offer for New Subscribers:

Emma and GreenStar have teamed up to give meal plan subscribers an amazing deal! Subscribe to Time For Dins for just $5.95/month and get:

  • FREE one-week seasonal dinner plan
  • Extra 30-day FREE trial
  • Access to meal plan archive
  • Access to the June Meal Plan
  • 20% discount on GreenStar Instacart purchase – or 
  • 20% discount for GreenStar members on in-store purchase. Join for $10 annually.

Join Us and Make Dinner Time Fun Again!

Sign up today to enjoy stress-free, healthy, and delicious family dinners with help from Emma Frisch and GreenStar Food Co-op!