On Thursday, May fourth GreenStar will be holding a Community Blood Drive in the Space @GreenStar from 12-5 pm. GreenStar is delighted that we are now hosting our fifth blood drive.

Former staff member, Zachary Stumpf, suggested a couple years ago that GreenStar sponsor a blood drive. He became a committed donor at a young age and believes donating blood is consistent with GreenStar’s values of community service, and he thought our newly renovated Space @ GreenStar seemed the perfect venue for a blood drive.

Our plan is to hold them biannually, in the spring and fall, but last year we held an extra drive in July, in partnership with the Sustainability Center, in response to the shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Our dedication to hosting blood drives is about community, and the responsibility of GreenStar to support community needs — the need for blood is constant, and therefore it’s essential to maintain adequate supplies of blood. We can never predict when an emergency situation will occur that will quickly drain the supply needed for typical everyday use in hospitals and emergency care centers. Without an adequate blood supply, many people would not survive injuries and operations. Blood drives aren’t without controversy though, because gay men are unfairly banned from donating blood. While the ban itself does not resonate with GreenStar’s values, helping people in need does.

According to the Red Cross, our drives have been successful, ranging from 17 to 29 pints collected per drive. Thirty-five people came to the July 2016 drive, but several were unable to donate for various reasons.

Registering online with the American Red Cross beforehand will better ensure you are able to donate at a time that best suits your schedule. Also, on the day of the drive, you can save about 15 minutes by going to the ARC website and doing the pre-donation required reading and filling out your health history using their RapidPass program. And, don’t forget to come to the drive well-hydrated!

May the fourth be with you!