Construction is well underway on GreenStar’s new flagship store at 770 Cascadilla St., and we can hardly wait to welcome you in the spring of 2020! We’d like to introduce some of the features of our new space.

You’ll enter the parking lot of the new store via Cascadilla St. and will find 145 parking spaces there! You’ll notice six set aside for accessible parking, and two electric-car charging stations.

A large pedestrian area outside the store entrance will feature covered bike racks and an area set aside for new motorized carts for shoppers who use mobility aids.

As you walk into the store through the large main entrance, you’ll see a map of local suppliers (please stop and take a look!). You’ll then enter into the main store area or the cafe and prepared foods department.

Cafe and Kids’ Area

The spacious new eating area holds seating for 60, with two outdoor eating areas providing additional seasonal seating. Kids will love the new (bigger!) bright and inviting play area, with a tactile wall for sensory exploring, bookshelves, a play kitchen, and nearby seating for parents.

Six customer bathrooms — six! — are located in the café area and front of the store.

Six regular and four express registers will handle those checking out from the main store, with additional registers in the customer service area and the Prepared Foods Department.

Adjacent to the café, a conference room/teaching kitchen will provide space for classes, meetings, and special events.

Prepared Foods

The new prepared foods area will offer something for every appetite at every time of day. Four times the size of our current West End Deli, it will include:
• An espresso and smoothie bar, serving made-to-order smoothies and coffee drinks
• An interactive station offering made-to-order meals, rotating through variations such as bowls, tacos, etc.
Made-to-order and grab-and-go sandwiches
Made-to-order and grab-and-go sushi
• An expanded hot bar, salad bar, and Mediterranean bar, packaged soups and soup-to-go, rotisserie chickens, and hot entrées and sides packed to go
• A fresh meat counter in partnership with the Piggery, a poultry counter, and a specialty cheese counter
Kombucha and cold-brew coffee on tap

Grocery and Wellness

An expanded grocery section will feature twice as many refrigerated and freezer cases as in the current West End store, with expanded lines of fresh meat and fish, frozen meat, and plant-based products.

Three times the current grocery shelf space means an expanded product selection, with additional budget-friendly options, more foods geared toward Ithaca’s diverse cultural communities, and a bigger beer selection. Give us your input on new product additions!

Wellness will occupy a “store within a store,” with a distinctive look setting it apart from the rest and an increase in space to allow for new products.

Additional retail space also means more locally grown and produced products. This gives co-op shoppers further opportunities to support their neighbors in the local farming community and to bolster the local economy.

Produce and Bulk

Produce will boast a doubled product area with a broader product selection. We’re excited about some new additions, including pre-cut fruits and veggies and a floral area to beautify both the store and your homes.

The Bulk Department will be more spacious as well, allowing for an easier shopping experience. You may especially enjoy the new label-printing scales.

Throughout the store, there will be wider aisles. Because refrigerated products will be stocked from the back and products throughout the store will be stocked earlier in the morning, there will be fewer obstacles and obstructions in the aisles, which means a more pleasant shopping experience for everyone!

A bigger store will also create jobs. These positions, offering GreenStar’s industry-leading wages and benefits, will further increase the Co-op’s impact in the local economy.

Green Features

From reusing an existing structure and committing to 100% solar power, to making conscious landscaping choices and reducing food waste, we constantly pay attention to our environmental impact. Our green features and initiatives in the new store will include:
Adaptive reuse of an existing building
Plantings to mitigate parking lot runoff
100% solar power from our own solar farm and Delaware River Solar’s nearby community solar farms
Solar heating via efficient electric heat pumps
Efficient HVAC and refrigeration systems, including coolers with doors
Reusing, composting, or recycling 85% of our waste stream
Donating surplus food to the Friendship Donations Network
More bike parking (under cover, too!)
Electric-vehicle charging stations
∙ More goods and services, so you won’t have to make multiple stops around town to do your shopping